South Carolina Machining

Precision Machining 

Bellwright Manufacturing is a manufacturing operation specializing in medium to high production CNC machining and assembly. To support this operation, we have outstanding talents in our Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, Production and Materials staff.

steel fabricationWe believe in building strong relationships with our customers by becoming a part of their business. We take our role as supplier seriously and often times refer to ourselves as “an extension of their business.”

Since 1977, we have provided machining services for many industries. Such industries include automotive and railroad, off-highway equipment, the medical profession, pumps, valves, weapons components and heavy duty trucks.

Bellwright’s belief is simple yet the key to our success: We believe by staying focused on our specialty – machining – we can provide our customers the best quality and value.

We realize the advantage of “one-stop” shopping. That is why we have built close working relationships over the years with companies who specialize in a particular trade just as we have done. Such areas of specialty include castings, forgings, heat-treating and plating, to name a few. With our combined expertise, we can provide a completed part that exceeds our customers’ expectations.